• 28th Jun 19

  • By Hukum Chand

Innovating something useful has a deep thought behind it and it takes a lot of efforts to bring a new concept to the table. On the other hand, to make people believe and accept a new concept is a bigger challenge. In general people don’t like to think out of the box, the old ways and habits are hard to die.

Yet, we have heroes who are persistent and committed towards society’s welfare. One such story is of Hukum Chand Chaudhary who was bound & determined towards creating an application for the benefit of school going children.

We are aware of the struggles the school children have with their huge bag and baggage that they carry back and forth to school each day. Mr. Chaudhary came up with an idea to develop an application which would totally eliminate the bag carrying old method. The app is called “ICT” (Information & Communication Technology) which is useful for teaching and learning. He not only invented this but also went on to the next level and got this approved from the Department of Education. He wrote a detailed letter explaining the problems of the school children carrying the heavy bags and also gave a solution to it. Initially it was tough to sell the concept across because people are so stuck on to the old methods. But, by and by the application got its desired acceptance and now it is a huge hit in the academic institutions, both children and teachers are benefiting hugely out of this application. If it was not for Mr. Humkum’s determination and hard work, we would have not known the application ICT and its benefits. Mr. Hukum bagged many certificates and awards for his invention and is very proud about it.

What an amazing story of a man and his determination.

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