• December 24.2020

  • Ms. Suchi

Life is a mix of happiness and pain. Pain is unavoidable but suffering is optional. Having a broad perspective on life gives you the strength to move forward through painful times. We can’t control our pain and emotion. However, we can develop an inner power to master our emotions. Happiness is the pleasantest thing in the world, we always choose it for itself and never for the sake of something else. And this is what Ms. Suchi Deshpande, an experienced International Pre School Principal/Manager from Singapore did for herself. She chooses to be happy and that’s what her Kahaani Zidd Ki is all about.

“People do think about quitting, I did it 8 years back when I lost my mum to cancer. Everything seemed meaningless. I was seeking answers about my life purpose and felt stagnant as the Principal.

I came across a Laughter Coach Mr. Ram and picked up some Laughter exercises from him but did not stop there as there was a strong calling from within to give back to society to I picked up many exercises from coaches around the world and studied topics such as Energy, Brain Development and Happy Hormones, etc. I then started speaking at conferences and delivered talks at Old folk’s homes etc. I designed ‘Laughter Therapy’ which is being used in many places such as hospitals and Senior Activity Centres.

In last 7 years, I have saved 32 people who were having suicidal thoughts. Using Laughter as the Empowerment tool, I saved 52 people from Depression. Also started providing individual and group therapy in educational and home settings. Being a former Manager / Trainer I am now engaged in building social awareness about Holistic approach for recovery. Be it Depression, Anxiety caused by physical or emotional pain, Death in the family and the harm the unhappiness brings to people, families and communities.

I now have 78,000 followers on LinkedIn and I enjoy empowering people and uplifting the spirits of people around the world. My vision is to travel globally as the Laughter Therapist to guide people to learn ‘How to reprogram their brain for better mental health and happiness’.

Mingling with people with diverse backgrounds & performing roles which involve Facilitating, Training, Monitoring, Guiding and Mentoring inspire me.”

Her works has been featured in local press, TV and Radio and has been an invited speaker at various community clubs and educational Institutions. She has also been awarded by MINDS and various community clubs in recognition of her social work.

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