• October 31.2020


We all have many problems in life but every problem has its own solution. A problem is a chance for us to do our best. It’s up to us how we deal with the problem, everyone didn’t have the power to survive or deal with the bad situation but Ashwin Daftari has.

Ashwin Daftari has faced so many obstacles in life but every time he gave his best shot in every situation that proves that he can easily defeat the problems. For him life is not an easy job but he manage to solve problems gradually.

He thinks that problems are not permanent but we made it permanent by thinking about problems all the time. At some time, he got depressed by his problems and then he made a “zidd” to overcome those problems and starting solving them very calmly. His tolerance towards problem made his life better. He thinks that work as more you can because only through hard work, problems could solve easily.

He has shown so much of dedication towards their work that he didn’t take any off from work. He loves what he doing and continues to do so. His small zidd has proved that best way to solve problems is the tolerance.

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