• October 29.2020


Obesity is a problem that nearly every nation in the world is facing today, people are less into physical activities as they use to be in earlier days.  It is so common in youngsters. Utkarsh is one of them who has been facing this problem since childhood.

Utkarsh has always been an over-weighted boy since childhood. With each passing day, he realized that his overweight physique is ruining his personality. Even his friends made jokes about him. He has faced so many difficulties in school also that everyone thought he cannot run in the race because of his weight.

At times he felt lonely and dejected and went into the depressing mode.  But deep in his heart he never lost hope.  With this little light in his heart, he decided to work on his physique and started spending more hours in the gym. He made a diet plan and followed it rigorously.

After so much workout he finally reduced weight by 10-15 kg in just a few months. He was 85 initially and now he is around 72 kg. He managed all this only because of his “Zidd”. He has proved that if you have a zidd you can do anything. After that, he got selected for a school race competition and won 1st prize. His small zidd has taken him to higher achievement.

Utkarsh has proven that even though obesity is very easy to catch but can also be reduced with one’s determination and by following a proper diet and gym regime.

Zidd gives us the power to do anything!

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