• October 29.2020


None of us are born as dancer, actor or a singer.  We acquire and learn these skills as we grow up. When one has to perform on stage as an artist it takes a lot of confidence to do so. And confidence is not something you get by wearing good clothes or by talking in English; it is something that comes from within and for accepting oneself as he or she is!  Confidence is also how you handle your tough situations with ease.  Shbaswat is also one such person who lacked self-confidence and was very demotivated due to this.

Shashwat is pursuing architecture from Government College and is a dance lover and wishes to perform on stage too but his low confidence doesn’t allow him to come on stage to showcase his art.  The very first time he was on stage his body was shivering and he was trembling like hay in the wild wind.  That was a very bad yet a very important day in his life, as he chose to fight this lack and come out as a confident and awesome dancer.  He did not have anybody’s support in this battle, as a matter of fact, his own friends made jokes on this issue.  But he did not give up rather he pulled up his socks and started watching videos that would motivate him and give him the courage to go on stage.  His Zidd to conquer his lack paid him off!   And finally, the day arrived when he gave his performance without fear or tremble and was appreciated by faculty, friends, and family. And now he has started performing in theatre with so much confidence.

His story is truly a “Kahani Zidd ki”, with his Zidd he has achieved something he never thought he could.

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