• August 25.2020


Top stories of Bolega Bharat Competition by MS Talks

Success is not dependent on how educated you are or how much money you have. Success is about believing in yourself and working towards your dream with and full of commitment and passion which are the cornerstones for a successful life. The famous American writer, Mark Twain has said, “There are two types of people. The first type of people is those who have accomplished things in life and thereby are called performers. The second type of people is those who always claim to have accomplished things in life.” The difference between the type-I and the type-II people is that the type-I people are action-oriented and that is why they are called performers. They evolve from their every action, whereas the type-II persons are claiming to be performers but do not do anything substantial. Mr. Rajiv Bangari was exactly and precisely like type-II persons but in his mind, he always wanted to do achieve something great in life. So here’s presenting in his own words, his journey of transforming himself from Type-II to Type-I person who believed in himself and achieved what he always dreamt of.

“In the year 2010, I was posted as a security officer at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport at Mumbai. I had the privilege of meeting various dignitaries while being posted there. On one fine day, I had the privilege to meet with the famous Indian businessman-cum-philanthropist who had done a lot for the education sector. I asked him, “Sir, at one point in time, I also wish to do something for society. Please advise me, how and when I can do that.”

The gentleman immediately responded and said, “Rajiv, don’t wait for tomorrow. Start doing it right now.” Friends, these were his exact and precise words.

I had a great passion for public speaking but whenever I reached the podium and faced the people, I got nervous and thereby could not speak convincingly. For this, in the year 2019, I joined a public speaking academy to master the art. As my course at that academy progressed, I was unable to produce results. When I had deep introspection within myself, I found that I was pretending. I was showing as if I am working very hard and I am taking strong action. But in reality, I was not doing anything as such, and thereby I was feeling miserable. Then I took every action with commitment and discipline and passion behind it.

The 2019 uncommunicative Rajiv as a result changed to 2020 Rajiv who can now speak in front of people and convincingly express himself. As a result of my action, I initiated a community project taking along my family members. The project name is `Pyaar Bhara Aahaar’ which aims to provide the welfare to the animals and to the underprivileged people during the pandemic.

From this story of `Zidd’ of Rajiv Bangari, we conclude that we can achieve whatever we want in life provided we are in action mode always and do things with commitment and passion behind them. Whatever your talent may be, fuel it with Zidd and create your story which in turn will inspire many more people. So, feel free to share your Kahani Zidd Ki with us and the world can know you and your Zidd.

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