• August 7.2020


Top stories of Bolega Bharat Competition by MS Talks

Khud se jeetne ki Zidd hai, Mujhe khud ko hee haraana hai.
Main bheed nahin hoon duniya kee, Mere andar ek zamaana hai.

Life is a great teacher. Each and every experience of our life teaches us something. It totally depends on our attitude. It depends on us, what we learn from every experience or person. Everybody experience various phases in their life that help them to get their life back on track, and give them a perpetual fountain of inspiration and hope each day. Here are some lessons in his own words that Inderjyot Singh from Delhi have learned till now from his life and continuously learning.

“By qualification, I am a management graduate with Certification in NLP. I am a life coach and sales trainer. I belong to Delhi but traveled to several places as my father was in the army. Due to professional training, I believe that life is a transformation and always learning. Learning what we give to one another.

My story goes back in time when I was in 6th standard. Fortunately, I was very good at studies as my mother was a teacher. So, I got those knowledge skills from my mother. My father was in the army. So, I had a certain share of confidence in me. But I was lacking in one thing and that was fear in public speaking. In school, there was a debate competition and I was told by my house captain to participate. We lost the competition. We lost the competition as a team but as a man, I was broken at that point in time. I was in tears. I went to my home and hugged my parents and asked them to please remove the fear from my mind. My parents worked on it and in a span of three months, this fear was gone. I was able to participate individually and also on a team level and won various debates and competitions.

I was very fond of playing Cricket. In 1983, when India won the World Cup, I told my father that I want to become a cricketer. But when a boy weighs 85 Kg in 6th standard, how he can become a cricketer. My father made me lose my weight. This did not happen by playing cricket. He put me on a sport which later became my passion and that was playing Lawn Tennis. I played lawn tennis and I lost 15 Kg in one year. I was playing lawn tennis not on the national level but for my father. We have our beliefs and conviction. We should try and follow that belief system and that conviction lies in our mind. It is your mind which controls your thought process. Be happy and learn to control your thoughts.

This fear continued until 2 months back. This fear was of COVID-19. COVID-19 hits us all in a big way. I was in Gurgaon and wanted to travel back to Surat to meet my family. I was traveling on a train and was covered with clothes from top to bottom. I was wearing two pairs of jeans and two shirts and wearing an N95 mask. I had a certain fear in my mind that will I be able to reach Surat to meet my family. There was a strong belief system inculcated by my parents. They had trained me in all these years and I owe it to my parents. I was on the train for 18 hours and was wearing that mask and clothes.

So, these are the phases of my life that taught me that being an individual one must have a strong belief system. Be yourself and do everything in your life with conviction. Nothing is above then your belief in yourself. You have the remote control. Take control of yourself and believe that you can do everything in your life.

The `Kahaani’ of Inderjyot Singh makes us believe that there are moments that change your life. Because these moments are the ones that give you a lot of experiences and these experiences give you a lot of opportunities to relive your life.

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