• August 7.2020


Top stories of Bolega Bharat Competition by MS Talks

There is a special bond between a father and a daughter, and when that bond is broken by death a woman’s life can change in profound and unexpected ways. A father plays a vital role in his daughter’s life – the first man she will ever love. Vaishali Puneet Kaushik from Delhi was also a fairy of his father. But after the demise of her father, her life changed. Through this story, she explores her emotions and feelings about her father, both during life and especially after death.

“I was a small, little playful child who did not care about many things. I was a Happy-go-lucky and easy-going person. I used to get everything I demanded. Suddenly, something started slipping from my hand like sand. How does it feel? How was that moment? My father was detected with a disease named `Liver Cirrhosis’ in 2011. We were very shocked because this disease is caught by those who smoke or are into alcohol or something but my father never did this. He never touched the bottle or anything like that. How or why it happened only God knows but it did happen and we had to face it.

When I and my mother came to know about this disease, my father was in the hospital in his room. The doctor took us aside and told us that this is an irrevocable disease. He said the only solution is Liver Transplant and that too is very risky. I said to the doctor not to tell my father that he is suffering from this disease and I do not know how he is going to react or something. The doctor smiled and said, “Do you think he does not know anything, he knows everything. Before I checked the medical reports, he went through all reports and knows all the medical terms”. I was blank. We entered the room with a heavy heart but could not show it to papa. Papa was all happy with a big smile for us.

Can you imagine a person who knows everything that is going to happen to his body and everything that he is going to face? He was smiling and I cannot forget that day. I could not control my tears and I just broke. He tapped on my back and said, “Do not worry my child. Everything will be all right and I am going to survive. Do your efforts. You cannot accept defeat so easily. Do your best and prepare for the worst. You have to focus on what we can do better”. I got a lot of power from what my father said.

That was a turning point in my life because being a single child that feeling was different. Losing him. I cannot explain in words. Things were getting worse. We got him admitted in ILBS in New Delhi. But there was not much change in his health. Sometimes, he was conscious, or sometimes, he was unconscious. Sometimes, he was on a ventilator, or sometimes, he was in ICU. Medications were going on but slowly and slowly things were getting worse. But whenever we went to his bedside and meet him, he never forgot to smile and always said, “Things will be better soon. Don’t worry”.

He loved to speak a lot. He liked talking to everyone including doctors, nurses, or hospital staff. My mother used to say that don’t talk much. You have taken medicines. Take a rest. But he used to say, “If I will become quiet, then it will be very difficult. And this exactly happened.

We lost him on 4th September 2012. Before that for 4-5 days, he was very silent and quiet. We thought this should not happen. We were feeling broken but it happened. Somehow we faced this loss because these were powers he gave to us. Make your efforts and do not accept defeat. Prepare yourself for the worst. Do your best. All his powerful words resonate in our ears. So, I have learned this thing and still learning from all the teachings he gave.”

Such an inspiring `Kahaani Zidd Ki’ for everyone. It was Zidd of Vaishali Puneet Kaushik that changed the destiny of her life and proves that it is never too late to do your best and prepare yourself from worst. Life is unexpected. Anything can occur to anyone at any time. So prepare your mind in that way that if you lost everything still you should have trust in yourself that you can start again.

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