• July 22.2020


Top stories of Bolega Bharat – Digital Storytelling Competition by MS Talks

Delhi boy, Sarabjeet Singh’s story is about your attitude towards life. He is a communication trainer by profession and also provide training to laterals. He has fourteen years of experience out of which he has been a lateral trainer for almost one and a half years. He is also associated with a couple of good organizations. His motto of life is to never give up attitude. He always dreamt of keeping a healthy body and not just about a healthy body but a lean machine. His story is about how he transformed himself from a normal person to a person who believes in a healthy lifestyle. He always had a dream of having an aesthetic body.

“My story is how I motivated myself to pursue my dream of having an aesthetic body. When I started working out I had a couple of challenges because I didn’t know how to work out and what regime or routine to follow. I have been trained by multiple people and in the process got connected with multiple trainers. I also consulted with my family members who are fitness coaches who helped me in achieving my dream.

My struggle starts the movement I wake up, I have to push myself to get out of the bed. I always feel like I want some more sleep. However, my mind always reminds me of my dream and to achieve the aesthetic body. That is the initial struggle that I face every day. However my never giving up attitude helps me at this time.

My routine of workout requires to perform 1000 skips, 500 jumps, 200 jumping jacks, along with that Hyannis, 40-50 Burpees and then 50 pushups along with squats. That is my normal warmup routine. Ones the warmup is done again my body wants to rest and do nothing. Physically I don’t want to do anything after my warmup routine but now mentally I am strong and motivated myself to move ahead with my workout. I confidentially do 200 to 500 hand walks and then I end my fitness regime with 200 pushups in four sets.

That’s how I never give up and keep motivating myself to fulfill my dreams.

I would like to tell people through my story that one should never give up on their dreams and keep motivating your own self and fulfill your dreams.

The never give up attitude is the only key to success.

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