• July 22.2020


Top stories of Bolega Bharat – Digital Storytelling Competition by MS Talks

This Kahaani Zidd Ki story is about Shruti Sapra, who by profession is a corporate trainer and a storyteller. During her growing up years, she always had a dream to speak on a podium and talk while people would listen. A dream, she believed that she could bring about a change in people’s lives with her thoughts and her beliefs. So here is Kahaani Zidd Ki of a lady who listens to her dreams and achieved what she always wanted to do in her life in her own words.

“The tree was potted early by my dad and he would tell me to sit upright, read like a newsreader, and talk like a leader. I didn’t have many followers back then but in real life things were different. I pursue my carrier in finance, in search of a stable and progressive career. I worked for 10 years in big multinational companies that gave me, very good job satisfaction and a decent paycheque by the end of every month. But was it sufficient, maybe yes for me. But what about the dreamer inside me?

I would very often be asked questioning myself, but I could not find answers because the answers were very different. The answers were not in line with the standard principles of society. It wasn’t easy to quit a settled corporate job and venture into completely unexplored waters. So I could never find that courage.

As a dreamer, you sometimes run the risk of thinking differently. It is probably a personality trait or a lifestyle or maybe even a habit. You run the risk of the fact that your life is going to be very different from a lot of people around you. But I think that it is fine. You need to embrace that and not deny it.

So while I was still looking for some answers, one day my boss who was also my coach and my mentor in the organization had quit and it was his farewell function. Everybody was sharing their thoughts and I also had a chance to share my thoughts and I spoke for about 10 minutes where I shared a lot of instances and examples of how he had helped me. I shared how one day I made a big mistake in the organization and he made it sure and forced me to own up that mistake and later on shielded me from a lot of negativity that came my way. Because I made a mistake or later on when once he pushed me to go out of my comfort zone and accept big projects and make sure that I deliver them on time and that’s the kind of impact he had in my career in the last two years.

Once the function was over I was surprised to see that I received a lot of emails from people saying that they have greatly appreciated the way I had shared my story and there was one email that said that they are now willing to accept their tough taskmaster bosses as their coach and mentors. There was another one that said how they are now willing to handhold their juniors to coach them and mentor them to bring about a change in their life. It was really exciting and in some time this boss of mine one day crossed paths with me and said to me that “Shruti, it was a great story.” I said,” Sir it wasn’t a story and it was true, that’s the kind of impact you made to my life. It wasn’t false. Everything I said was true and wasn’t fake.” He said, “I am not saying it was fake or false but it was a story.” That’s when it struck me that yes it was a story. I shared my story with people and it impacted them, motivated them to bring about a change in their life. I quickly connected the dots. I always wanted to be a public speaker where I could share my thoughts. I had found a new appreciation for storytelling.  I put both of them together and I decided to pursue storytelling and training as a career path.

I decided to pursue my dream and I am currently doing that. I haven’t reached that far but I’m really glad that at least I began. I have taken that first step towards my dream.

If you have a dream and you are waiting for the right day to start working on it, trust me the right day will never come. Today is the right day, take that first step, take that giant leap towards your dream, and see what wonders you can do with passion and with hard work.

The ‘Kahaani’ of Shruti Sapra makes us believe that there are moments that change your life if you know it was one of those moments when you’re blessed.

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