• July 22.2020


Top stories of Bolega Bharat – Digital Storytelling Competition by MS Talks

We all face adversity from time to time, but some of us are able to flourish when things get difficult, while others seem to struggle with their life. Successful people have found a way to jump hurdles and roadblocks that would stop others completely. Sajanu Ramankutty from Hyderabad’s story tells us of how she embraces adversity.

“I believe that we all have ups and downs in our life so did I. Born and brought up in a middle-class family of seven siblings, my father being the only bread earner, and how tough the life would have been for us. However, those days of adversity has taught us the best lessons in our life. It has taught us to be hopeful, to be positive, and to look at the sunniest side of life, hoping for the best days to come which really has. It has brought the best in each one of us. I must say that we all are so proud of our parents who despite having all the hardships in their life had each one of us received the best education ever. Whatever we are today we allow our parents.

Now born in the financial capital of Mumbai, where life is as fast pace as of its local train. I had the opportunity to travel by train. So while I was working, I used to travel for three hours a day. Something about these local trains is that it has this tendency that it stops in any stations for a span of 30 seconds. So this most important 30 seconds, there are only 15 to 20 people to come out of the train and another 20-25 to alight inside the already crowded train. Now experience has made the people so many skillful that in no time these 15-20 people have come out this 20-25 people already board inside the crowded train. Perhaps trying to help somebody who is unable to get in because of lack of space, empathetic towards other people trying to offer your space. A lot of sharing and a lot of celebration normally happens in those local trains and it has taught me a lot about life.

Once I was happily and comfortably settled in my city Mumbai there came a twist in my life. A proposal came to me and this happened to be from Hyderabad. I was very hesitant to move to a new city because I had my people here, I had my friends here and this was the city that I love to spend the rest of my life. However, with a lot of consultation and counseling from my friends and family members, at last, I made up my mind, I got married and move to Hyderabad.

What’s next, how will it be and would I be able to adjust? Bundle of questions was mingling in my mind already, but I took this very positively and the life here in Hyderabad was much relaxed as compared to Mumbai. My office was just fifteen minutes away from my home and I had a proper work-life balance. I had an opportunity to meet more number of people and experience their life.

There is a good thing in every situation and this was the good thing that happened to me. I was happy about the decision I had taken. So when I was happily married and do the planning for family life, I conceived, and then an unusual thing happened. I had to undergo a miscarriage. This was a very rough patch for me and have been a very painful experience. It took a lot of time for me to come back to my normal life. However, I got all the support from my family members and I got back to my hobbies. I was always excited and passionate about painting, gardening. I got back to all those hobbies. Gradually, my life came back on track. In another two years down the line I gave birth to a baby girl and the best part was that she was born on my birthday.”

Life is a jukebox of multiple emotions that we have to face and the way you do anything is a way you do everything. Just move ahead and face all these different phases of your life with a lot of positivity and with a lot of enthusiasm. Because these emotions are the ones that give you a lot of experiences and these experiences give you a lot of opportunities to relive your life.

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