• April 28.2020


Maybe everyone aware of word zidd but only some people able to understand this word properly and we talk about zidd of Mr.vikram because he has zidd to do something for society.

The life that we lead is God’s gift to us. How we lead life is our gift back to God. Life is a precious gift – a gift we often take for granted until it is threatened. Do we lead our lives in a way that can make God proud of us? I speak from my first-hand experience. Way back 11 August 1976 I was admitted to the hospital for some general treatment. On that day at around 9:00 pm due to some hospital mismanagement. Doctors declared me medically dead. Five hours later at 2:00 am I opened my eyes but I had become crippled. I got spinal injured in the process. I couldn’t sit and also couldn’t use the bathroom, I didn’t have that much strength. I was bedridden and a nurse was kept to take care of me. I went into depression because of my health issues. I started doing meditation and so in my meditation, I used to ask God, had I even did anything wrong with someone that you have made me crippled. God gave me back an answer, that you must feel lucky as I have given you 2nd birth, the guidance, direction, and clarity of life. After that, there was no looking back. I started working for other needy people. I have set up around 35 rehabilitation centers in the country since then. My father was an orphan, so I have also established around 15-20 orphanages in the country.

I feel proud that the life that God has given me not once but twice and later thrice after another severe Ischemic stroke. I feel I have made the effort to give my life back to God.

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