• April 25.2020


Nidhi Gupta was born in Delhi with a physical disability. She suffers from Ptosis problem which is a drooping or falling of the upper eyelid.She was not able to lift her left eye’s upper eyelids to uncover the eye completely and causes poor vision. Because of this disability she has been through many challenges in her life. But despite of having such rough journey she has faced each challenge head on, not willing to give up or be knocked down.

During her school life her physical activity was severely limited due to the nature of her disability. The word pity and horror look on people’s faces as they stare at her — has been her life’s companion since those early days. This physical disability made her the object of fun for the classmates. Due to her disability she had to address challenges in her academic environment. She started having inferior complex related to her eye. She was not allowed to participate in school stage shows and functions which affected her a lot both mentally and physically.

Despite her disability Nidhi is a very talented and intelligent woman. Her disability has never limited her to accomplish her goals and excel in life. She is not only financially independent, but is also a source of inspiration for others. She has done ample of courses, and also started her own business in vegetable seeds.

However, she consider herself very fortunate to have an immediate family that is very positive and supportive towards her. They have never made her feel different or treated her differently.

Disability makes life more difficult but if you want to achieve, you can. KhanahiZiddki salute the determination of Nidhi Gupta who never believed that she could not have a successful life with a poor vision.

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