Trouble Comes but always gives Solutions
  • February 11.2020


Synovial Sarcoma Survivor and an Amputee aged 25 years; I’m Hunny Kapoor a Motivational Speaker & a Marathoner. What differentiates us among all is how we react to situations in life. I was leading a normal teenager life, pursuing Maths (H) from DU. Being an enthusiast I used to give home tuitions, volunteered in NGOs, working part time in a MNC. I was trying to make my own space and luck in Delhi, Panipat being my hometown. I lost equilibrium after 4.5 years of my journey in the capital &was diagnosed with sarcomatic cancer in right ankle in March 2015. In the age of dating a girl I was fixing appointment with doctors. My studies got affected and life turned upside down. Those were the most terrible moments of my life. In the beginning I wasn’t able to accept the truth and hided it from my family for 2 days. I felt so burdened, unable to understand why it was happening with me& the troubling question “What’s next?” I can’t remember how many times I tried to end my life.But my story in god’s book wasn’t finihed yet. Anyhow collecting my guts I faced my parents about the situation. The tears in their eyes hit me so hard & became my strength and I consoled myself maybe I can end everything with a full stop on my life but I’ve no right to put my parent’s 22 y e a r s investment on stake. E v e r y single moment I tried to find a reason to blame this on. Couldn’t find one! Later on, doctors suggested either I can save my life or my foot. It took a week to convince my family to choose amputation as there was no better cure. Luckily I got in touch with Singapore cancer society and consulted them. I finally chose to fall in the category of 3 % of Indian population. I went under a series of surgeries. Everyone anticipated I would be completely bedridden and stuck to wheelchair for life. After my amputation, scenario got changed. My parents became more conscious of my activities. I lost all that I had gained but what I never lose is my confidence and will power.

After all, a hero is not made of situations; he’s the one who molds them. I practiced to walk in prosthetics and maintained the pace of my life, provided this time with more efforts. It’s been 3.5 years since the amputation, I ride, commute on public transport, I swim and hit the gym daily. I’m pursuing graduation again, working in a private firm, interning as a Campus Ambassador and as a business outreach with different organizations. I’ve been to open mic and storytelling platforms, mental health seminars, workshops for especially abled, been to events as a motivational speaker, I’m a part of Human Library Delhi as a Human Book. I completed 9 marathons with 5Km and 10th marathon with 10Kms

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