• February 11.2020


Thank you MS talks for giving me this opportunity to express myself on this platform. Today I am going to share my failure Story with you all through which I hope you will be inspired and learn from it. As my parents put me in a hostel when I was in class 2 which was just 500 meters away from my home. I was verbally and mentally abused by some of my teachers as I had an early learning disability. I still remember learning how to write the letter Z properly only in class 5 taught to me by a class 2 student. Some of my teachers call me dumb, good for nothing. I was bullied a lot from my seniors. Henceforth every holiday I requested my parents to remove me from the hostel but they would not. Hence when I was in class 5 I could not take it anymore so one night I was supposed to be sent to the hostel I climbed onto the roof of our house and told my parents if they were ever going to send me to the hostel I would commit suicide by jumping off the roof. So my parents had no option and decided not to send me back but it was too late my mentality was already damaged. When I became a day scholar I was still verbally abused by some of my teachers and became a Kamlesh which means I was addicted to solution or glue. I started stealing money from my mother and even sold household stuff just to satisfy my addiction. Due to which I became an antisocial element in the society. I even remember stealing a chicken from my neighbor. Some People were skeptical if I would ever pass my 10th exam. That is how I had lost all my friends and respect in the society. In std 8 due to the abuses I faced, I gave up school never ever to study again. I was left with only one purpose in life .i.e. stay ALIVE. I wanted to become a menial worker carry stone and bricks to construction sites, I was even ready to apply for a job as a septic tank cleaner. One way or the other I could not get any job. The turning point came when an old lady came and told me a wise quote “those who had given up had given up but those who keep on going keeps on going on. That word changed my life. For the first time in my life, I realized that I was not a quitter I decided to resume school but there was a big problem. I was already 18 years old and that too in class 8. I could not imagine the fact that I would be sitting with 13-14 year-old kids as classmates. I decided to choose education as education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. In fact, when I entered the class for the first time I was not in uniform and some of my classmates thought I was their teacher. My parents realizing the mistake of putting me in the hostel in my early childhood decided that they would admit me in the most expensive school in the town where I would get a quality education. I started improving in my studies. After that almost every year I was the first divisioner. And also to regain the respect that I lost in the society State representative of NE students, Coordinator for NE students forum in Bangalore and ended the journey here in Punjab as the president of Naga student union, Phagwara. After that there was no turning back I passed class 10 1st Division, 12 2nd division, BA 1st division, MA LPU 8.56 CGPA. And now I still wanna go for PHD and also MBA

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