Effort means the end of failure
  • February 11.2020


Somewhere deep inside you know what kind of person you are created to be. Think like a person you intend to become and do the things you want to do in life. Effort means the end of failure. We must also not forget that one cannot enjoy the sweetness of joy without tasting the Bitterness of sorrow. Today when I recall my memories of real life, how can I spare someone who had been through thick and thin? My mother, I love you MAA. She has been a spiritual guide, mentor and my buddy all through my life so far. My real life story will stimulate your will power, focus, determination and hunger to achieve goals. I am studying in a convent school enjoying the luxuries of life. My Father is highly qualified and intelligent in my entire family. He is an electrical engineer and Executive engineer at a Government department in New Delhi earning 6 figures per month. Papa took bribe to get the work done for people and that extra income let me him indulge into bad activities like, drinking alcohol in quantity, gambling and committee system of picking high tickets size and unable to return timely. Gradually, my family was scattered and all our savings, properties, bank balance was over and we were shelter less for 3 years. I was rusticated from the school due to non-payment of my school fees in class 11th. That was shameful for me and I felt very low that day because I wanted to continue my study. I was de- motivated. 3 years away from family. – I used to cry a lot because I missed my family love and affection. I was staying with my other two aunties on alternate month. I started doing labor work in a factory @50 Rs per day. 1500 per month. Upon the advice of a dear friend Konark Duggal with whom I have shared the desk since class Ist, I saved 2500 rupees from my own earning and visited national open school in kailash colony to take admission and completed my 12 in first division with distinction in English & economics. Occasionally I used to meet my mother who was at my grandmother’s house. I did around 3 jobs during that time to feed myself. Post 3 years me, mom and papa started living together after a lot of serious efforts by mom and relatives at an apartment near west Delhi. I also did a job in transport company at 3000 per month as manager to handle account and manage bus routes of around 50 buses and 8-9 break down were normal late evening so I had to be there to make sure bus catches the route of schools next day. I told my mom I don’t want to do this job. I feel demean every day. My father was not working anywhere. I was the only source of income. My mom came up with an idea one day. She said now that you have great knowledge about transport business, buy a taxi and become a taxi driver as that was the only career option which looked feasible. I always wanted to do something big. But How? We spend our days with shoe-string budget. I took debt of 7,000 rupees from a friend to join call centre training program and got my first job. In my first corporate job, I joined as a Telecalling executive selling American express paid credit cards. First 3 months were real tough, I was unable to understand how people are selling cards on phone. Life presents a situation where you have to burn all the ships. I used to get scolded from my bosses. Then a self-talk changed the course of my life in that company; “aaj bagair koi lead banaye hue main yaha se uthne ni wala.”Us dine maine 3 card sales leads banaye jisme 2 next day pick up hui aur muje confidence gain hua. When I saw my graduation degree in my hands considering the trauma I went through, I was on a cloud 9 feeling. I was crying and laughing at the same time. I knew I made myself proud. Today, I proudly want to share with all of you I have completed my Post graduation in Business management and marketing and to increase my knowledge I am presently pursuing M.A in Psychology with organization behavior.

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