• November 25.2019


Besides our real name, some of us may have a name that defines us, it could be related to our skills, profession, or could also just be a nickname. We know one such person who is lovingly called as “Google Girl”, well as the name may suggest and you might have guessed it… she too is smart as the google.
We are talking about the famous Jiya Phutela who is lovingly called the “Google Girl”. She has so much information on the tip of her tongue. You blind-fold her and still, she can read and see things, amazingly gifted girl. She knows the calendar like the back of her palm. You give her a date from as long as 300 years back and she will tell you exactly what day it was. She knows who invented what and the list can go on and on….. Jiya knows it all. She is an NLP Trainer and from the tender age of 4, she has been giving presentations/ training in many universities, colleges, and schools.
Allow us to take you through her amazing story ….. When Jiya was 3 years of age. Her father a mathematician by profession used to give tuitions at home. By nature, Jiya was a naughty kid and would ask to be with her father when he would be coaching 11th and 12th standard students. One day when his students asked to teach the periodic table which is a chemistry topic and as you know her dad is a mathematician but he did not say no to it and he started putting his thought as to how he can teach this subject. After 4-5 days he devised techniques and started taking classes of the periodic table.
After a few days of his teaching periodic table, he was asking students questions related to the periodic table but before the students could answer, his daughter Jiya could answer his questions. He was thinking how brilliant is this that Jiya at that age could answer such questions and if she could why not all kids and we can teach them to be so smart and brilliant too. Thus, it began the journey of the Google Girl and it was just the beginning…. Truly Jiya is a Google Girl who continues to give presentations & training at various platforms. Simultaneously 25 news channels titled her with this name. Jiya’s talents are many and our words fall short in putting them together.
It was her dad’s Zidd to make her excel in her gifted skills. It is her Zidd to passionately make it all work wonders for her and for many children in the world.
Hope Google Girl’s wonderful story has inspired you all to hunt for your hidden talents & skill, once you discover them, hone these skills and shine bright!
Whatever your talent may be fuel it with Zidd and create your story which in turn will inspire many more! So feel free to share your Kahani Zidd Ki with us and the world know you and your Zidd!!

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