• November 12.2019


Everybody is a genius when things are going well. Failure and what follows is when you really learn who has what to offer. A business failure is a devastating experience in one person’s life. Nitin Kohli, an entrepreneur is the one who has to face this devastating experience in his life. At the very young age of the opening, he has to bear the loss of its failure.

Business failure does not always mean all the doors has been shut down, sometimes you learn from the failure and start learning things of your own. Nitin Kohli has started his business four and a half years ago. At starting like all the young entrepreneurs face the problem he also faced the one. But the level of struggle is really high. The problem is supply, production, and the family problem he has a lot of pressure. But his determination to do something of his own helps him to get success in his that business only.

Nitin simply believes if you think positive, only good will happen. Being determined to get success in his business led him to everything that he wants. Now he is earning good and carefree life.

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