• September 22.2019


We are living in the 21st century but we have to do sacrifices at some moment whether it’s for love or for a family because sacrifice is the act of giving up something good, for something even better. Ankur is one of them who felt nothing great could be accomplished without making sacrifices.
Ankur has always wanted to become a successful and independent man in life. So, he decided to start their own business but we all know starting our own business requires a lot of responsibility but he has his friend’s support that leads him to achieve goals.
He has so many obstacles in their life but couldn’t stop him to make their dreams come true. Sometimes, he takes his family for granted but his “Zidd” of living a quality life would not go to stop him from anything.
Even if he sacrifices their family love but only makes them proud.
His hard work and dedication towards work pay off because of his zidd to do something in life independently and now he has its own business venture from the last 6-7 months.
Ankur has proved everyone that sacrifices are giving up something good, to achieve something even better. If everyone has this kind of zidd in their life then sacrifices would make them happier.

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