• September 20.2019


Obesity affects every aspect of people’s lives, from health to relationships. I think Obesity is a societal issue. We can all agree that the government can’t solve the obesity crisis alone. It’s an ongoing issue that will require a collaborative effort across private and public sectors if we want to see some long-term success. Deepash has one of them who has faced this obesity issue since childhood.
Deepash was an overweight guy since childhood but he always loves being like this. After some time, he got demotivated by his friends and family. All his relatives made a joke of him and tease every time by calling “motu” in front of everyone. One day he realized being fat is a sin and that day he made a “Zidd” lose weight. Sometimes, he felt is being fat a mistake because no one can accept him as a good looking person. He has started gyming and exercise regularly and put himself on a strict diet and started to avoid junk food for months.
Deepash has shown so much dedication towards weight loss that no one can make him stop by losing weight now. He has spent more hours in the gym because he has a zidd to show up everyone that he can do that to others do.
Finally, he made it one day and manage to lose 15-20 kg of weight in a few months. He has overcome this issue only because of his Zidd.

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