• September 14.2019


Every woman during their pregnancy must have a feeling of heaven and hell at the same time. Giving birth to a child is not an easy job. Sometimes a pregnant woman has to face so many complications during pregnancy and Anchal is one of them who has faced a lot of obstacles during pregnancy.

Anchal Vasdev lived in Delhi after marriage. She gets married at a very early age. After some years, she got pregnant and that time she was not fully prepared for this period but somehow she manages to do. During pregnancy, she has gained about 82kgs weight which makes her so depressed. Even she didn’t step out from home due to her weight. She was so depressed that she doesn’t prefer to go outside for shopping and wore her husband’s t-shirts and shorts. At some point, she has decided that she couldn’t survive in this world with her weight.

But she has a zidd to lose weight but losing weight is not at all an easy task for her but she has decided itself to come out from depressing mode and follow the diet rigorously.

And finally, a miracle happened and she manages to lose weight about 15-20kgs and now she is 54. She keeps telling her story to everyone that how her zidd makes it possible to lose weight and inspired so many other women in society.

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