• September 6.2019


Everyone thinks about the nation but no one thinks about women.
We all have aware of the term women empowerment. But are we giving justice to this term?
We lived in the 21st century but this issue of women empowerment has not been solved since the past years. Still, we have areas in the nation where women haven’t the power to enjoy their life. But Sameer is one of them who have come out as freedom for women.   
Sameer has belonged from a very small town Kanpur but he has many big dreams in their life which he wants to achieve not for himself but for those women who haven’t enjoyed their life with liberty.
He has a “Zidd” to do hard work for women so he has decided to a manufactured flour mill. He had also given a name to their mill which is Freedom. Their mill name has described itself that how much freedom is important for women.
He has given 10 years of warranty for their product and services which no other company has given yet. He has one major rule in life that they believe in quality. He thinks if there is no quality then there is no scope of work for them.
He never thinks that one day his small zidd makes him possible to open a mill on a large scale. He has a lot of network in Gujarat also. And now his mill in a race to becoming top flour mill in Asia.

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