• September 1.2019


Youth have so many dreams in their life but sometimes they make their decisions due to family pressure or we can say peer pressure. But sometimes pressure may be good or it spoils the whole life. And Mukul is one of them who have faced family pressure.
Mukul Goyal lived in Chandigarh with his family and recently done with their school life. He has opted non-medical stream because his parents always wanted to opt him a professional field. Due to pressure from the family, he has chosen their favorite stream. But after some time, he realized it’s not easy for him to get a good score. He did so many attempts to score good marks but failed every time.
He doesn’t want to spoil their life by going a course in which he’s least interested to do so. So, at that time he made a “Zidd” do other stuff instead of studying, he has decided to get himself in their father’s business and make t h e i r business ahead as a career. He has faced a lot of difficulties during business but their determination towards work makes him learn so many things. His friends always make a joke on him but now he has proved everyone that he didn’t take the wrong decision to move his career ahead. He made a better choice for himself. Now, he has handled their father’s business on its own.

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