एक ज़िद्द अपने किसानो भाइयों के परिवार के लिए कुछ कर दिखाने की ।
  • June 29.2019

  • Vijay Upase

Your life from birth to death is quite literally an unbroken chain of ever-increasing, unavoidable struggle. You have heard that the strongest trees in the forest aren’t those trees which are most protected. The strongest trees are the ones which must struggle against the elements and other trees and surmount them against the odds to survive. So here is the story of the strongest tree, Dr. Kriti who became the strongest element and stands out for others in her own words.

At the age of 23, I had completed my education and was certified as a dentist. As I started my professional life, I got interested in serving the society also, so I become a young philanthropist. I had a “Zidd” in me that I must to do something for the society and a thought cropped up my mind to uplift the under privileged, socially, educationally and in health. I decided to start an NGO back in 2013 “Pukar Waqt Ki”. Starting the NGO was easy but getting people to make time and get involved in this service was the real challenge. But I did not let the hurdles get the better of me! I remained true to my “Zidd”.

Soon, people started volunteering and “Pukaar waqt ki” got the support it deserved. Today, 50 plus volunteer Teachers have touched the lives of 150 plus children of Karnal city and provided free coaching’s to 120 plus needy students, taking care of their medical needs as well.

So far we received a sponsorship for 45 plus students for schooling and professional coaching’s. We believe that a complete education has many aspects and we ensure that students are also enrolled in various co-curricular activities including sports, dance, music, and craft.

The Zidd of becoming the strongest tree enabled Dr. Kriti to make the entire forest strong, making her a true inspiration for everyone around her.

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