A humble effort to bring the good life to the orphans
  • June 28.2019

  • Ramesh Kumar

TAABAR a non-governmental organization established in 2007 helps and supports children in difficult circumstances by providing community-based rehabilitation for orphans, runaways, street children, slum children, and the misguided youth through its various programmes.

Mr. Ramesh Paliwal who is the founder of TAABAR (Training Awareness & Behavior Change about Health and Rehabilitation Society) Society Jaipur (Raj). It’s an organization working for vulnerable children to ensure their basic rights, immediate care & protection, reunifications, rehabilitation. In 2005 he left his job & started giving shape to his thoughts around working “something effective” for runaway children. He dedicatedly worked to reunite the homeless, runaway, missing children in their families. Due to his untiring efforts, more than 3000 children have been reunited with their families. Mr. Paliwal is now actively working with various stakeholders to make effective child care services such as police, health, education, railway, GRP, RPF, Department of child rights etc. He has been a member of the Child Welfare Committee of Jaipur too.

Due to ‘Zidd’ of people like Mr. Ramesh Paliwal our society is running smoothly. A small effort to do something good can change everyone. So we should do ‘Zidd’ to change ourselves and other.

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