Ek Zidd Kuch Kar Dikhane Ki
  • June 27.2019

  • Sassan Sony Sohrab

The most beautiful people I’ve known are those who have known trials, have known struggles, have known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.”

Life is the most beautiful struggle one could ever have. The cares and worries, the ups and downs that we face are instrumental in sculpting our “Magnificent Self”. The tough times either makes you or breaks you!

Mr. Sasan Sonny Sohrab narrates his story of becoming a victor out of life’s hardships.

Way back when I was at the tender age of 18 years, there was a revolution in Iran, that left a bitter taste of lack of jobs and opportunities, survival seemed next to impossible. In order to survive, I greased the palm of the smugglers and got myself smuggled to Pakistan. After a year’s unsuccessful trial to sustain myself in Pakistan I started searching high and low to move out to a better place. Lack of money and resources were getting me down! Somehow life gave a ray of hope and I got a chance to move to Spain, with UN aid I lived here as a refugee for a short period of six months. “Refugee” status has its own sour flavors.

As I turned 19, I had a shift in my thinking, I decided to get myself educated to succeed. But the decision seemed challenging due to lack of money and another hurdle was that the medium of education was English and my knowledge of the same was way too limited. Besides the odds and hurdles, I was determined to make myself successful. My family’s future was dependent on me; my success would pave way for them to move to the USA. My dogged determination to succeed in life made me very strong. I took two jobs to earn my living and to educate myself, first job was a day time job at the library and 2nd was a night shift job at a restaurant. I would squeeze some time in-between to go to school, thus, I got myself a college degree due to which I could find myself a decent job. I got my family to join me in the United States.

With my determination finally things fell in place. Now I am the International Sales & Marketing Manager of ABRO Inc. The one important factor in my life is to never give up! We fail because we fall short on our will power and determination and if you reverse the same it will fetch you amazing results in life. So guys! I would like to sign off by saying that keep your determination or “Zidd” always on high and believe in you and the success will be yours to keep!

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