My "Zidd" was bigger than my situation.
  • January 21.2019

  • Aman Jha

My name is Aman Jha. I am sharing my story with you all to inspire and motivate!

Stay positive and never give up on your dreams!

I was working successfully in a company until 2015 but deep-down I always wanted to own a business and I tried my luck on two different businesses but failed drastically. It was upsetting me, but the fire inside was very prominent; Now, I wanted my business idea to be put into action. In this process my very first step was to look for an investor. When I shared my business idea with a couple of investors they all laughed and discouraged me by saying that this idea doesn’t look lucrative at all. Though I was taken aback and felt helpless I kept my dream alive and made a commitment with myself to put this idea on the floor. Hence I resigned from a good job just a day after Diwali and started my business from the scratch with only Rs.1500 in my pocket. I spend Rs.1000 from this amount in developing the website, the rest of the Rs.500 I utilized for some other officially purpose. It looks crazy to take such a huge risk but my “ZIDD” was bigger than the situation. My Zidd, hard work & key element “honesty” paid me well: My business with the humble beginning succeeded and today I am a proud owner of the company “Pre Fab Wooden Homes” with a turnover of 2.5 Cr p.a.

This business module is only run by 10 people in India and I am one of the first one to start this. We make designer wooden homes which are eco-friendly. Initially, most of the people in the trade were importing the raw material from China, which was working out very expensive. I thought of manufacturing them in India and set up a small manufacturing unit for the same. In India, there are only 4-5 manufacturers and I am one of them. This may look like a simple story but believe me it was tough for me to start the third business on my own when nobody believed in me. What describes me best: “HONESTY”.

This is the story of my ZIDD to cherish my dream.

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