My problems were big but my "zidd" was even bigger
  • December 21.2018


My name is C L Sharma, born and brought up in a very poor family in a remote area of Rajasthan. Whenever I heard people talk in English or watched news readers read news on TV, I would ask myself a question… Am I ever going to speak like this in English? The problem was that in my village there were no tutors or any medium through which I could learn the language. Though this was a de-motivating factor but I did not let it stop my keenness to learn the language. I made ways to learn through books and by regularly talking in English with whoever I could. My persistency not only made me learn English but I also cleared the UPSC Examination in English. I also became a Class One Officer in Central Government. Nobody helped me but my own Zidd; if it were not for my “Zidd” I would have never reached where I am today. On date, I am a consultant engineer in Delhi metro. This is my kahani zidd ki.

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